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Review: Doing it for Love by Cassie Mae

  My Review I received this book for free from Loveswept in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I read my first Cassie Mae book about two and a half years ago. And over the course of those years, her writings …

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Review: How to Hook a Bookworm by Cassie Mae

I’m surprised by how emotional I was while reading this. Even thought they weren’t all good emotions, I was very invested in the story.

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Nerdy obsession of the week: Baby it’s cold outside!

I am fully willing to admit how redundant this post is. I mean, if you live on the East coast, you know it’s unseasonable cold outside. For all I know, it could be cold all over the country, but I am one of those people who is only concerned about the weather that affects me. …

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Nerdy obsession of the week: Boy bands

I just finished reading an adorable book called Heart of Onyx. It was all about an average teenage girl named Onyx falling in love with a member of a hugely famous boy band and the book made me think. Well it didn’t make me think as much as reminisce. I kept remembering my childhood/teenage years …

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Review: Heart of Onyx by Inda Herwood

I have been reading a lot of scary and action packed books lately, and while I enjoyed each and every one of those books (thankfully), I was definitely in the mood for a sweet romance.

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Watch and smile!

So I had a TERRIBLE day yesterday filled with ugly crying and my stomach all tied up in knots, and this morning, I didn’t feel that much better to be honest. That is until I saw the best thing that YouTube has to offer right now. One of my favorite songs syncing up perfectly with a wonderfully cheese aerobics video from the 80’s. Watch and smile!!

How can anyone still feel bad after watching something like that? lol
Have a great day! 😀

Anime Review: His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)

Hi, guys! I have been watching anime a lot more lately, and I just finished one that I wanted to share with you! If you are just a casual watcher of anime or have never watch one at all, I think that His and Her Circumstances would be a great one for you to check …

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