Author Archive: Rachel Medhurst

Rachel Medhurst grew up in a small village in Surrey, England. She writes to inspire and heal. She lives in the British countryside with her dog. If she’s not writing, she can be found walking in nature and reading. For more information about current projects, including her short story dystopian series, Avoidables, please check out her website.

Author Interview: Rachel Medhurst

Interview 1.What inspired you to write The Deadliners? I decided to enter a contest where I had to carry on writing with a prompt. Somehow I got the idea that the people standing outside were spirits. From that small prompt a whole novel was born.   2.When did you know that you wanted to be …

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Review: The Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst

This was my first time reading a book like Deadliners. I have seen a few movies, and I used to watch a show called Dead Like Me that had a similar premise, but I have never read a book about a fictional afterlife and Grim Reaper like characters.

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