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Author: CM Fenn

When CM Fenn was a child she was surrounded by fascinating friends and lived wild adventures every day. It was no matter they all existed within her head. As an adult, she’s finding what a great joy it can be to set all these secret mind musings free onto pages for other like minded dreamers to explore.

When she’s not writing you can usually find her cleaning up after her four messy children (always), hiding from the Tennessee mosquitoes, dreaming about classic muscle cars, or if she’s really lucky, sneaking a few minutes of video gaming.

CM is currently working on book two in her series of The Realmwalker Chronicles.

Review: Chaos by C.M. Feen

Review: Chaos by C.M. Feen

Chaos focuses on an average teenage girl named Addy who travels to another realm in her dreams. And while this isn’t the first book I have read that in involved the subjects of dreams and other realms, it is the best.