Review: The Redcastle Redemption by Derrolyn Anderson

Review: The Redcastle Redemption by Derrolyn Anderson

Review: The Redcastle Redemption by Derrolyn Anderson
The Redcastle Redemption by Derrolyn Anderson

Series: The Athena Effect #4
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Publication Date: June 2nd 2014
Format: eBook
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'Things finally seem peaceful for Cali and Calvin, but the twins are still struggling with their new-found freedom. Layla senses that more trouble still lurks in her future, while Michael's happiness is being crushed under the weight of a terrible secret.
When someone new discovers the girl's special talents, he will stop at nothing to put them to use. The cousins must face their most brutal adversary yet, and everyone is forced to fight for both their lives and their loves.

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I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This was a wonderful ending to one of my favorite series! All the loose ends were taken care of and each character had an ending that suited them perfectly.

This book starts out with Cal, Callie, Layla, Ramon, and Michael getting a much-needed break from the chaos that has consumed their lives recently. I thought (or hoped) that the first half of the book was going to contain nothing but roses and sunshine, and the last half would focus on the action and mystery solving. But I should have known that this book wouldn’t follow the same formula I am used to because none of the other books in this series has.

There are plenty of things that I have come to expect from a Derrolyn Anderson novel. I know when I pick up one of her books I will get subtle humor, emotionally mature romantic relationships, great action sequences, and strong heroines who know how to take charge in one moment and be  vulnerable with the people they love in the next. And what I also expect from this author is storytelling that keeps me guessing. There’s not one great big mystery to solve in this book, but I was still constantly wondering what was going to happen next. .

Some horrible things happened to Callie and her friends/family, but it never felt like they were suffering just for the sake of suffering. Everything they went through made them stronger, and they weren’t put in those horrible situations just to make the reader feel on edge. The trauma they endured was balanced  by all the wonderfully peaceful and joyful moments they got to experience. If the entire book had been professions of love and happy moments, it would have been boring, but if they just kept getting pounded with one terrible tragedy after another, that would frustrated me. This book and all the other books in the series finds that perfect balance between dramatic and peaceful moments. They endured some challenges, but they became stronger and better people because of those challenges. And everyone also gets to have moments of exceptional happiness, and there is no shortage of cute scenes that will cause you to smile and swoon.

I know I am gushing a lot, but I rarely find a series like this so I feel I deserve the right to gush! These characters became important to me, and it was nice to see them all get to a good place in their lives. A happy ending means more when it is earned, and these people earned their happy ending. Also the blending of romance and action in this series was tailor made for me.

This final adventure had my pulse racing because of the suspense and the romance, and that is exactly what I wanted. If you’ve read some or all the other books in the series and liked them, do not hesitate to read this. If you haven’t even read the first book, and you are cheating (like I so often do) by reading reviews of all the book in the series to see if it has a good ending, I can guarantee you that it does. You’ll fall in love with the main characters, hate the crap out of the villains, probably tear up once or twice, and have a great time while you are reading.

Just in case I haven’t made myself clear…


Because of violence, I would recommend this book for ages 15 and up.

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