Review: The Accidental Action Star by Emily Evans

Review: The Accidental Action Star by Emily Evans

Review: The Accidental Action Star by Emily Evans
Accidental Action Star by Emily Evans

Series: Accidental #3
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published by CreateSpace
Publication Date: March 25th 2014
Pages: 106
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College freshman Hannah dreams of becoming an artist for a major motion picture studio. And, she’s got a shot…if she can get Max Stone to sign a few little forms.

Max Stone.

The Max Stone – the studio’s hottest, top-ranked, action star. Dark hair. Golden Eyes.


Maybe she’ll get to draw him. Maybe she’ll get a date out of this. Or, two or three...

Sure, Max never dates a girl more than twice. And, he doesn't date nice girls, or co-workers, or crazy artists…and Hannah is all three….but if Max thinks Hannah will take ‘no’ for an answer, he doesn't know crazy. And the best way to get close to Max is to take a role in his film.

Meet Hannah – the Accidental Action Star.


My Review

 I love Emily Evans and the first two books in the Accidental series, but this one missed the mark for me.

Hannah was a great leading lady. She was hard-working, funny talented, and confident. She knew what she wanted and she went for it no matter what, but I have no idea why she wanted Max.


I didn’t like him at all as a male lead, and by the end, instead of going “aww” because they got together, I rolled my eyes.

I think the fact that this book was so short, and I barely got to know him is a large part of why I didn’t like him. The other part is because he was a jerk to Hannah!

He had this stupid rule about never dating a girl more than twice, but he also asked Hannah to go back to his place (I assume to sleep together) on both of those dates. Also in the first of these dates, he takes her to a crappy coffee shop, Invites one of his friends and ignores her most of the time.


I have no clue why she even agreed to the second date especially knowing he would never give her a third. It would be one thing if he had done something thoughtful or charming before they went out, but he never did. He wasn’t mean to her, but there was no good reason for her to like him. He didn’t even talk half the time. All he ever seemed to do was work out, and find new ways to frustrate Hannah.

Sorry, but my patience for the “meathead” leading man who treats a girl like crap, is very thin lately. Plus she spent way too much time proving herself to him and trying to come up with ways to catch his attention. That’s just not the way the women behaved in the first two book in this series so I was expecting more.

This wasn’t the worst romance I have ever read by far. It still had that same funny and fluffy feeling that I got from the other two, but when I compare them, this one just didn’t fit. I liked Hannah, but Max, the stud, was a dud.


If you like the strong silent type, and don’t mind it when a girl chases the guy even though he never gives her a good reason to like him, this would be a great romance for you. The writing is still adorable.


Because of mild language and some kissing scenes, I would recommend this for ages 15 and up. There was no sexual content.

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Author Biography

About Emily Evans

Emily Evans writes fun, young adult romance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in History from Texas A&M University, and is completing an MFA in Creative Writing at American College Dublin in Ireland. A native Houstonian, she loves travel, movies, and books.

Books by Emily Evans include: The Accidental Movie Star, Accidental TV Star, Accidental Action Star, Accidental Rock Star, The Prince with Amnesia, The Boarding School Experiment, Prep School Experiment, Do Over, The Kissing Deadline, and Whenever.

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