Review: Tripping Me Up by Amber Garza

Review: Tripping Me Up by Amber Garza

Review: Tripping Me Up by Amber Garza
Tripping Me Up by Amber Garza

Genres: Young Adult, Romance
Publication Date: August 1st 2013
Pages: 285
Format: eBook
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I may not have special powers, but sometimes I think I'm invisible. No one in my high school seems to notice me at all. When they finally do it's because the popular Tripp Bauer accidently smacks me in the face with a wad of paper. Talk about humiliating.

Only now he keeps talking to me.

At first it was to apologize, and I figured once I forgave him he'd go away. But he doesn't, and now my feelings for him are starting to grow. And that scares me. Guys like Tripp Bauer don't fall for girls like me. Or do they?


My Review

This was one of those books that isn’t really good but it’s not bad either.

Hadley is a nerdy chubby girl and Tripp is the popular Football player. One day Tripp accidentally hits Hadley n the face with a wad of paper. After trying and failing to apologize to Hadley several times, Tripp decides that he is intrigued by her and keeps coming up with reasons to talk to her. Soon, intrigue leads to friendship and friendship leads to a mutual attraction. But Tripp has a secret and that secret threatens to keep him and Hadley apart.

I know, this is not exactly new territory for a book, but it is written well enough.


I like the way Hadley handled herself with Tripp. She is not the most confident girl in the world. Not only has she dealt with a lot of bullying by the popular crowd that Tripp is a member of, but she seems to be under the impression that she is fat and ugly. This book is told from both Tripp and Hadley’s point of views so when we see Hadley through Tripp’s eyes it is pretty evident that she’s not fat and she’s not ugly either, but this is a YA romance so of course the heroine has to think she is fat and ugly. *eye roll*

Even though she suffers with insecurities, Hadley stands up for herself when it comes to Tripp. She won’t let him get away with treating her just any kind of way and she forces him to be honest with her. Now that is not a common occurrence  in YA romance and it was refreshing.


Tripp’s reason behind trying so hard to hold on to his popularity made a lot of sense so I didn’t get to mad at him when he wavered between his popular friends and Hadley. View Spoiler »


I can’t say that I would enthusiastically recommend this book, but I wouldn’t suggest you stay away from it either. It was a very fast and somewhat entertaining book. I read it in one day and I can’t remember ever getting bored. Sometimes the romance was laid on a little thickly, but that is kind of cute. And most of all, I think that the teenagers were portrayed in a realistic and likable manner. At the time of this review, this book is free on Amazon, and will most likely remain that way indefinitely so read it or don’t read it. It won’t make much of a difference.


Because of mild language and violence, I would recommend this book for ages 14 and up. There are a few kissing scenes but not sexual content. 


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Author Biography

About Amber Garza

Amber Garza lives in California with her amazing husband and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.

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