Review: The Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson

Review: The Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson

Review: The Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson
Freaks of Greenfield High (Freaks, #1) by Maree Anderson

Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult, Romance
Published by Maree Anderson
Publication Date: September 9th 2011
Pages: 278
Format: eBook
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When a teenage cyborg is forced to hide out at a small-town high school, the unthinkable happens: she falls in love. But with a covert organization intent on using her as a weapon hot on her trail, now’s so not the time for a cyborg to get all emotional!


My Review

This was a cute idea for a book but the execution was off. It reminded me a lot of those campy 80’s sci-fi fantasy movies that I love.  It was filled with melodrama, misunderstanding, and over the top action. All those things made The Freaks of Greenfield High a fun and quick read, but the plot and romance fell flat.


Jay is a cyborg who has just been forced to killer her creator/father and go on the run. I’m not really clear on how long it is before she starts going to Greenfield High and meets twins Tyler and Caro, but I think it was about five years. This is one of the things that just isn’t explained very well in the book because if she had in fact been on her own for five years then her lack of knowledge when it comes to the most basic of human interactions doesn’t make much sense.

Well, nonsensical or not, Jay is pretty darn naive when she meets the twins; however, it doesn’t take very long for her to catch on to the way the world works and the next thing you know, she is beating up the town bullies and falling pretty hard for Tyler.


Jay was a pretty cute main character, and it was cute watching her learn and grow. I liked her from the beginning of the book and never stopped liking her.

Tyler was an annoying romantic lead whose often jerkish behavior towards Jay made it impossible for me to care whether they got together or not. I mean I know the chick was a cyborg and everything, but you just don’t slap a girl and call her a “bitch” and then turn around and claim you love her a few days later. That’s not cute, it’s just wrong. Even though she couldn’t feel the slap, you don’t his someone you care about, and she could for darn sure feel the pain of being called a rude name by a boy she cared about.

Tyler’s sister Caro was another character I enjoyed because she was nice to Jay when almost everyone else treated Jay like crap (including Tyler).


The best part about this book was the action and Sci-fi elements, and when I wasn’t suffering through Tyler’s inner monologue of self pity and reasons why he shouldn’t like Jay but he did, I liked the book. If the entire thing had been written from Jay’s point of view, I would have liked it more, and if Tyler had been a better hero I would have liked it a lot more.


At the time of this review, this eBook is free one Amazon, B&N and Smashwords and it will probably be free indefinitely. I’ve read more than a couple free books and this is nowhere near the worst one so if you are in the mood for and easy fun read, at least you won’t have to pay. However, if you want to read a decent romance, I would just shell out a couple of bucks and actually buy a good romance. A likable male lead is worth it.


Because of language, mild sexual content, and some violence, I would recommend this book for ages 13 and up. There were no sex scenes.


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Author Biography

About Maree Anderson

Maree Anderson writes paranormal romance, fantasy, and young adult books. She lives in beautiful New Zealand, home of hobbits, elves, and kiwis — both the fruit and the two-legged flightless variety. Her first novel for young adults, Freaks of Greenfield High, has been optioned for TV by Cream Drama, Inc., Canada. She recently released the 3rd book in her Freaks series, and is currently working on Phase, the 3rd book in the Liminals series.

Maree is a current member of Romance Writers of New Zealand, Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America, From the Heart Romance Writers, and the New Zealand Society of Authors. In 2007 she was the recipient of the RWNZ Founder’s Award for her services to Romance Writers of New Zealand.

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