Release Day: Dolor and Shadow by Angela B. Chrysler

Release Day: Dolor and Shadow by Angela B. Chrysler

Hi! Today I am celebrating the release of Dolor and Shadow by Angela B. Chrysler! Read on to learn more about both the book and the author. Enjoy! 🙂


Release Day: Dolor and Shadow by Angela B. Chrysler

Dolor and Shadows by Angela B. Chrysler

Genres: Fantasy, Magic
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The Fae gods—the Aesir—have fallen and the key to their return lies with those who betrayed them.
While the elven city burns, the Drui, an unknown race of Seidr wielders, escape with a child. Kallan, daughter of the Dokkalfar king and elven witch-queen, has no idea that she is the last Drui, or that she holds the secret to the Fae god’s return. But the gods are closing in and if she is to survive the hunt she must align herself with the one man she has sworn to kill: her father’s alleged killer, King Rune of the Ljosalfar.
While battling their prejudices, and each other, across the lands of ancient Scandinavia, Rune and Kallan begin to uncover the truth of Kallan’s identity buried beneath a web of lies and the Shadow that haunts them.

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Author Interview

Dolor and Shadow 3D

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for your book release!

Thank you so much for having me.


Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming book, Tales of Drui: Dolor and Shadow?

Dolor and Shadow is a dark fantasy about Kallan, an elf, witch, and queen of Lorlenalin. To escape the Fae gods, she must side with her enemy, King Rune, who she thinks killed her father. While Kallan attempts to cope with her father’s death, she discovers the degree of her own magical powers and finds herself forced to trust Rune. Meanwhile, Rune has gained his own mysterious power neither Kallan nor Rune understand.


When I checked out your website, I noticed that you already have two books in the Tales of Drui series written. Are there any more books planned for the series or will it be a trilogy?


Dolor and Shadow is a series with seven to eight books planned. I have the first two books written. Lorlenalin’s Lies is planned for release spring 2016.  Bane, Bound, and Broken are the three books in the Bergen series and tie into the main arc of Dolor and Shadow without pulling Tales of the Drui off topic. The novellas reveal the depth of Bergen’s story, fill in the back history, and embellish Kallan and Bergen’s world. The novellas also introduce characters who will be making an appearance in the books and add to the world, but won’t be necessary to understand what is going on. I hope to release the first of three novellas later this year.


Can you tell us some things about your main characters?


There are three main characters. Kallan is the elven witch-queen with a stubborn, though determined, disposition. There’s a lot more to her than she ever realizes, but she tends to only see her weaknesses as opposed to her strengths. The story teaches her to accept her weaknesses.


Rune is Kallan’s nemesis and, unlike Kallan, is first to think and last to offer information unless he is certain of the situation. He has excellent perception of people and knows exactly how to irk Kallan. His primary goal is to destroy the shadow within Kallan that is killing her. His second goal is to survive her temper.


Bergen Tryggvason is a 6’2’’ dark-haired elven prince with a deep-rooted passion for pipe leaf and gruit (hop-less beer). With an extensive background too long to go into here, Bergen studied at the first school in Eire’s Land before expanding his education abroad in Ra-Kedet. After a slight mishap that landed him in the Dvergar prisons, Bergen spent the next several centuries journeying abroad. When he isn’t terrorizing the land or drinking his brother under the table, he usually can be found wooing wenches. He has no pictures, because he says they don’t do him justice.


How long have you been writing this book/series?


Seven years. I started in November 2008.


So far, what has been the most challenging thing about the writing and publishing process?


The most challenging thing about publishing was getting straight answers about the process. Self-publishing is new. We are the generation who will learn the ropes and answer the questions in five years. We are the first to define this profession and shape it into what it is. I will continue this answer into your next question…


So far, what has been the most rewarding thing about the writing and publishing process?


The most rewarding thing about the publishing experience is seeing this new world of indie authors and self-publications emerge. New genres are taking shape left and right. New companies are emerging geared to help indie authors. Yes, it’s been hard paving the road as we go, but we’ve had the rare pleasure of watching this world take its shape. It’s all quite exciting and I’m glad to be one of the first.


What are some things that you enjoy doing in your free time?

Gardening. This time of the year, I do very little outside of gardening. I upload pictures of my gardens onto my Instagram account.


Do you have any hidden or not so hidden talents you can tell us about?


I am forever creating ideas for marketing and promoting indie authors. Brain to Books is my ever-growing project that I have taken to Goodreads. I have created online events such as the 2015 Brain to Books Cyber Convention as well as the Brain to Books Blog Tour going down this summer—93 authors over 31 consecutive days. It’s quite an amazing event! I have a Blog Hop I am working on for this fall as well as the Brain to Books Giveaway for Black Friday to Cyber Monday!


I designed my website, which has evolved into a fantasy utopia that has brought in many compliments. I’ve never studied web design. Who knew!?


Is there a TV show, movie franchise, or book series that you are really excited about right now?


You mean aside from the Walking Dead? No, that’s really all there is for me at the moment. I’m just sitting here, holding my breath until October.


What is one thing or who is the one person that always makes you laugh?


The anime, One Piece. No matter what, that boy makes me laugh. Also, Hawkeye Pierce. I love M*A*S*H. I must have watched it four times through already. I started with the two-hour series finale and was astounded over the weight of that show. I fell in love with Hawkeye so much. His sense of humor, gags, that laugh. I never get tired of hearing him monologue for thirty minutes on himself while he tries to keep himself awake with a concussion.


I like to do a game at the end of an interview so my readers can get to know you better. I will start the sentence, and you finish it however you like!


The coolest thing about me is…my level of chronic nerdiness. Gamer, Marvel, Swords, anime, Sheldon Cooper rocks! I’m a Goonie and love Back To The Future.


One day I will learn how to…write! Better!


The one food I can never resist is…Cookies! Sugar cookies with a touch of cinnamon.


I never leave the house without…my iPod. It goes where I go. Music is the air I breathe and I need it.
The world would be a better place if…Everyone acted like New Yorkers in the months following a certain September.


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Author Biography

About Angela B. Chrysler

Angela B. Chrysler is a writer, logician, and professional nerd who studies theology, historical linguistics, music composition, and medieval European history in New York without a sense of humor or the ability to comprehend sarcasm.

In 2009, after completing two courses from Long Ridge Writer’s Group, her articles appeared in Kritter Kronickles Pet Magazine, and she began work on Dolor and Shadow: a dark, mythological fantasy that depicts the Viking era from the elves’ point of view. She is active on most social media platforms and can usually be found tweeting on Twitter at @abchryslerabc.

While writing, Ms. Chrysler survives on cats, coffee, Guinness, and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. When she is not writing, she embraces all things nerdy, and reads everything she can get her hands on no matter the genre. Occasionally, she finds time to garden, mother her three children, and debate with her life-long friend.

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