Author Interview: Ottilie Weber

Author Interview: Ottilie Weber

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1. Why do you think that the Young Adult/New Adult genre is so popular with more mature readers as well as the intended age groups?
I think both genres reaches so many age groups because it hits points that all these age groups can relate to. They are well written stories with characters that has the readers involved in the tales, hoping that their character gets what they want. That true loves conquers all, that the hero will defeat the monsters, and that despite the shadows in our past, we will do well.


2. How do you set your books apart from others in the Young Adult/New Adult genres?
My characters. You can have a plan plot, but as long as the characters hooks the readers that can turn a book around. My characters I think do that, I have ranging characters with different backgrounds, but when they interact with each other the readers will wish that they knew these characters. That maybe they had a sister like Charlotte from Beneath the Scars or a friend to joke with like Aaron from End of the Line.


3. How would you describe the romantic relationships in your books?
They show my inner mush side of me I’m sure. I try to have each relationship a little different, but they probably all contain the same beliefs. I believe that all relationship should be equal and I try to play that in my characters. Aaron and Lauren are both different personalities, but together they try to see past that for the greater good. They listen to each other, not always well, but they keep trying. Cory and Abby grew up together and have an interesting joking sense of humor with each other. Riley and Eponine are my adults, both are wounded, but slowly seek each other out. All these relationships are a gradual process because you don’t fall hard for someone the second you see them, it is a journey of getting to know each other, feeling each other out. The other big factor they all have in common is that they fight and would do anything for the other.


4. In your opinion, does a book need to have a “happily ever after” in the end or can a more “realistic/sad” ending also be satisfying?
For some people I’m sure there can be a realistic/sad ending, some books I’m sure that is the case. that isn’t my typical read. For me I teach, go to school and read heavy material, and with all the chaos in the work I prefer the happily ever after endings. I like to have a little joy and happiness that reading can bring. I like reading the happy endings that have a nice little bow tying up the ending. Who doesn’t like the warm and fuzzy feeling that a book can leave?


5. What song do you always have to sing along with when it comes on the radio?
When I’m in the car alone, as long as it isn’t rap I’m singing along with the radio. I love singing loudly to musicals in my car, hitting notes that I know that are out of tone. Even though I’m from Jersey there is the occasional country song that I’ll sing with too. However there isn’t just one song.


6. Can you tell us anything about your latest project?
Now this is a funny question actually. I am working on a couple of Young Adult books and a couple of New Adult. I won’t go into the young adult ones because I really don’t want to jinx myself and get writers block on them. They are sequels to another book though…The two young adult ones though one I will be looking for a beta reader soon and it is a romantic suspense book that is based off a nightmare I had years ago. The other one is about pirates because pirates are fun.


7. What is one of the dorkiest things about you?
Oh gees, this could take awhile. I’m a 24 year old who buys Disney movies when I don’t have any kids. I am very accident prone, I’ve falling off the bus once in high school. I have no problem walking around my neighborhood in my penguin pajama pants.


8. What is one of the coolest things about you?
I’m a dyslexic author who is currently almost done with their grad school classes to earn the special education certificate. I think that’s kind of cool, might be showing my academic dorky side though.


9. Is there a movie, TV series, or book that you are currently obsesses with?
I wish I could say a book, but because of school my reading is sporadic. When I’m in need of a good smile though lately I’ve been turning to the movie ‘This is the End’ and ‘Frozen’.


10. I like to do a short word association game at the end of an interview. I will start the sentence and you end it however you like!

(A) The best way to unwind after a long day is…

Putting on my pajamas and to write.

(B) I never leave the house without…

I’d say my phone, but I forget that occasionally. So

(C) I have always wanted to learn…

To play the piano. We’ve always had one in the house since I was little, and just never learned.

(D) The cutest thing in the entire world is…

Puppies, I’m such a mush with puppies.

(E) I always have a great time when I…

I am with the right friends after a long week.

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Author’s Books

Family Ties (volume 1)End of the Line (Volume 1)Beneath the ScarsShadows from the PastBest Friends

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Author Biography

About Ottilie Weber

Ottilie Weber grew up in Wall, New Jersey, not far from the beach. She always has a book in her hands or nearby, despite her dyslexia. She graduated from The College of New Jersey, earning a degree in History Secondary Education and is currently in grad school at Georgian Court University. Ottilie has a passion for writing, where she is always ready to take on the next project. Her family and close friends are there to help her take on the bumps or potholes in the road.

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