Author Interview: Isabella Modra

Author Interview: Isabella Modra

Author Interview: Isabella Modra
Rouge by Isabella Modra

Series: Rouge #1
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication Date: August 20th 2013
Format: eBook
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“You have a fire inside of you.”

Hunter Harrison desperately hopes her guardian Joshua is joking when he confesses – very solemnly – that she is pyrokinetic. Hunter would normally laugh in his face, if it didn’t explain all the spontaneous fires that happen only when she’s nearby. Still, the logic is a little hard for a smart, socially isolated eighteen-year-old to comprehend. That is, until Joshua explains the truth behind her parent’s death.

Spun into a new life filled with cold truth, terrifying wonder and a mountain of responsibility, Hunter faces the flames dwelling inside her. But the fire is more deadly than Hunter can comprehend. It explodes when she’s angry. It erupts when she’s afraid. And, worst of all, it threatens the life of her boyfriend Eli, who is innocently unaware of her abilities.

So how does an extraordinary teenager juggle dealing with superpowers between work, graduating and keeping her hormones in check?

Simple. By fighting fire with fire.

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Author Interview

1. How did you come up with the idea for your series?

I consider myself a gigantic nerd: I will watch or read anything to do with superheroes, and I actively involve myself in fanfiction. My friend and I were sitting on the school bus one afternoon discussing what the best superpower would be. I don’t remember how we came up with it, but all of a sudden we had this idea for a story: a badass heroine with the ability to control fire. Being a writer, I started brainstorming the second I got home and since then, I haven’t been able to get Hunter out of my mind.

2. What is your favorite part of the writing process and what is your least favorite?

My favorite would easily be those moments when I get so involved in a scene that I can’t stop my fingers from flying over the keyboard. It’s so easy to get lost in a moment, especially when there’s a good song playing or I’ve been inspired in some way. I also love it when I’ve put a story away for a while and I open it and forget some of the great scenes I’ve written or really hilarious parts. It’s also a good feeling to finish a book, even if it’s just a draft. When I read that last sentence and I sit back and know I’ve done something pretty worthwhile, it’s pretty special.

Least favorite? That would have to be writer’s block. Sometimes I get so wrestless when I can’t write that I just mill around and try and find ideas in the things around me. But it’s just so frustrating when the words don’t come together the way I want them to.3. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?I have thought about this A LOT. There’s some superpowers that would be too much to handle, like telepathy or time travel, but would still be so amazing to have every now and then. I’ve always liked the ability to persuade (a character in Embers & Ice has this power) just because, if used wisely, this power could potentially have a huge impact on the world. How easy it would be to wheedly your way into the government and convince the president to make poverty history.

I could also have a hell of a lot of fun with invisibility 🙂4. I think we all have our own personal superpowers (Also known as hidden talents) that we take for granted. What are you so good at that you would consider it your superpower?There are things I have a talent for (writing, obviously, and I love singing and acting as well), but if we’re talking a superpower that is naturally me, I would say charisma. My friend often describes me as someone that people just like to be around, as someone who is genuine and polite and self-confident. I’m not always the life of the party or anything, but I guess you could say I’m just a likeable and bubbly person.

5. There is a very creepy and complex villain in this series, what are some of the traits that you love to hate in a villain?

Joshua has always been a challenge and a joy to write about. What I really love about Joshua’s character is his alter-ego: the Iceman. I love the way that Joshua uses the Iceman as an excuse for all the psychotic things he does, when really he does have control over the power, he just doesn’t have enough faith in himself. But whenever the Iceman comes out, it’s always so much fun to have a conversation between the two. In the sequel, there is more of the Iceman – since the secret is now out about Joshua’s power – and you get to see more interaction between them.

6. Why did you decide to become an author?

Because it doesn’t feel like a job to me. I do it because I can’t live without writing, so why not make a living from it? At the moment, I’m really just doing it for the experience and to get my name and my story out there, but eventually I’d like to be able to support myself with it. I just know that even if I can’t make money, I will always be writing.
7. What is the one book, movie, or image that never fails to make you laugh?

If I’m ever in the mood for a good laugh, I’ll watch A Very Potter Musical. For the people who don’t know – and are deprived of humor – AVPM is a fan-made musical about Harry Potter. If you are a life-long fan of Harry Potter like I am, you should most definitely watch it.
8. What is the one book, movie, or image that never fails to make you cry?

Forest Gump. I will always cry in Forest Gump. He’s just so beautiful… I just can’t…

9. What is one of the best pieces of advise that you have ever gotten about your writings?

I’ve had a lot of great advice, especially through self-publishing, because I’ve had the opportunity to talk to other authors. I think some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is to be patient. Self-publishing is a slow and rigorous process that takes A LOT of time, whereas things start to happen very quickly when authors get signed to an agency and then a publisher. It’s often frustrating when I have to work really hard just to get, like, 3 reviews on my Goodreads page, but it’s still worthwhile. So my advice would be to remember that sometimes things don’t just happen overnight. And while I wait for responses for reviews and things like that, I use that time to write and write and write.

10. Without giving spoilers, what can you tell us about your series that the synopsis doesn’t cover?

I will say that there are huge changes in Hunter’s character over the course of the series. I really believe its important for characters to go through trials and struggles before they become a person that readers can connect with. No one is perfect from the start, after all. Hunter has some really tough times ahead in the series – even tougher than the battle with Joshua – and I’m excited to explore the real hero that she becomes in the final book.

11. I have seen some fun little question and answer games as a part of other interviews so I thought it might be nice to try one. I’ll start the sentence, and then you finish it with the first thing that comes to mind.

(A) My favorite place to read is…
My bed.

(B) One of the best gifts I have ever gotten was…
A guinea pig. I called him Cheese Please.

(C) I would like to spend more time…

 (D) I would like to spend less time…
Working jobs I don’t like but have to do in order to actually survive.(E) The world would be a petter place if…
People weren’t so heartless and ignorant. And chocolate is good for you.

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Author Biography

About Isabella Modra

Hi, my name is Isabella. You can call me Dragon.
I'm an author. I'm also a book addict. I know, we all have problems.
I live in the land down under, but I get bored of it so I travel often.
My bedroom is my little slice of heaven, I am obsessed with frilly socks and my sister and I have decided to become Ghost Hunters (when she turns eighteen).
Want to know something else about me, like the origins of all eight of my dreamcatchers that come from different corners of the world? Send me a message or comment here on my page. Otherwise, there is a full(er) biography on my website.
Peace X

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