Giveaway & Blitz: Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles

Giveaway & Blitz: Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles

Giveaway & Blitz: Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles

Hi, everyone! This is the blitz for Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles! I have the opportunity to giveaway a copy of the book so if you like what you see, comment below for a chance to win a copy of the book! Enjoy! 😀


Giveaway & Blitz: Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles

Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication Date: May 5th 2015
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Rowena thinks the Grimm’s infamous podcasts are simply another teen fad until she finds herself trapped in a land of nightmarish storybook characters. She tries desperately to flee Mezzanine and return home, but Dresdem, Mezzanine’s wicked monarch, plans to use Rowena’s access to her world to bring dark magic and absolute rule into Georgia and beyond.

But when Rowena’s dear friend Madeline falls into Dresdem’s grasp, her battle with him becomes war, and all hopes of home are temporarily thwarted. With the help of an invisible hero, a beast, and an owl, she sets out to free Madeline from a deadening sleep. But Rowena must become her own hero when she finds herself bound by the kingdom’s darkest family. She must make the ultimate choice – align herself with her enemies or live on the run forever.

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Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles


The dirt shifted beside me, and the end of the tunnel opened. The crevice felt like it plucked me up in a whirlwind. In seconds, I landed on the ground face first on the surface of whatever lay beyond the tunnel. It smelled like nature after a storm. When I opened my eyes, I stared down at my mud-covered hands. The darkness that I once thought would be my tomb was now gone, and two low hanging moons lit the forest where I found myself. Even though I had no idea where I was, the fact that I was out of the hole sent a surge of relief that filled my entire being. I stood up, dusted off all the mud I could, and looked back. Strangely, there was nothing but trees. As I moved closer to the spot where I’d most certainly came from, all I saw was a mirror that reflected the woods. An illusion. I touched its smooth surface, tried to find the end of it but couldn’t. Another dead-end.

Before I could figure out what to do, I heard a voice and spun around to confront it.

“What are you doing here?” I heard a man’s voice growl, but I couldn’t see anyone. I looked around. He sounded like he was only a few feet from me.

“Where are you?”

“First, tell me why you’re here?”

“I don’t know why I’m here. I’m lost, I think. I was at a party, and while walking in the woods behind the house, I fell into a hole. Now here I am. I have no idea what happened. Where am I?”


Right square in front of me, he appeared out of thin air. I blinked my eyes in disbelief. He seemed to be about my age and wore his hat cocked to one side with suspenders atop a blue button-up and brown trousers. It reminded me of Dashielle’s costume. I guess he could read the amazement on my face, so he answered the question that my mind was trying to form.

“Invisibility. That’s all.”

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Blog Giveaway

Thanks to the author and Xpresso Book Tours, I have the opportunity to giveaway ONE e-book copy of Fabled by Vanessa K. Eccles! (Open internationally)

You must go to the giveaway page in order to read the rules and enter. Just click on the link below and it will take you to the giveaway page!

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Author Interview

1.) Favorite Writing Quirk:

I like using “O” instead of “Oh.” It just seems more appropriate. That large, empty letter sums up the sentiment behind the thought better, I think, and I always imagine someone pantomiming it when they read. See there, you just did it, didn’t you?


2.) What’s your writing process like?

Lots of coffee and a touch of madness. In all seriousness though, I usually sit at the computer with my notebook full of index cards, scribbles, and post its and fuss with characters until we come to some compromise about what will be written.


I also do a lot of scene writing by hand. This ends up being more of a sketch so that when I type I’m more focused on filling in the gaps and adding details.


3.) Plotter or Pantser?

I try to plot really well before I begin a new project, but I usually end up getting laughed at by my characters, who always do whatever they want.


4.) Favorite writing snack?

Skinny Pop! I am so addicted that I drive an hour one way to buy extra large bags because none of our local stores carry it.


For fun:


5.) Most embarrassing high school experience:

Woah. That’s a hard one! I have lived so many lives since high school, as all readers and writers have, but I’ll give it a go. I suppose it would have to be when I went on one of the first dates with my now husband. I was sixteen and working every Saturday as a clown. Yep. You read that right. I wore the full get-up too. The makeup, wig, outfit – the works! Somehow the makeup we weren’t suppose to use (because it didn’t come off well) got mixed in with my stuff that day, and when I left to go on our date, I still had two perfectly round red circles on my cheeks. I looked and felt like a goof. But he eventually married me anyway, so who’s the clown now?

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Author Biography

About Vanessa K. Eccles

Vanessa K. Eccles graduated Troy University with a degree in English. She currently serves as executive editor of Belle Rêve Literary Journal and is founder of the book blog YA-NASisterhood. When she’s not writing or devouring books, she enjoys the lake life with her Prince Charming and their four dogs.

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  1. Loved the interview! It is unique of her liking to use O instead of Oh, and I can see why she might like it more! Also, plotting is all good, but my characters also like going their own way sometimes. In turn, I simply follow where they lead and hope we get back to the main plot line soon xD

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