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If you are an author/publisher and would like to request that I review a book, organize an event for a book, or participate in an event for a book, please fill out the form on the “Review/Event Request” page. The page you are currently on is not for review and event request. 

If you simply have a question or comment that does not include a review or event request, please fill out the contact form below, and I will respond as soon as I can.


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Review/Event Request

Please read before you submit your request: If you would like to ask me to review a book or organize an event, please refer to the “policies” page before you submit your request in the form below. (I do not review or promote erotica or books with a lot of sexually explicit content) If you would …

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  1. Dane Cobain

    Whoops, meant to send that as an e-mail!

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