Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others

So I just took my dog for a walk, and it was pretty uneventful until the last ten seconds. Right when I was about to head inside, I walked past this other woman and immediately compared myself to her. And I have to tell you, that wasn’t a whole lotta fun because this was a pretty woman. Or at least I thing she was pretty, I didn’t really make it to her face. This was a brief encounter after all so I only had glance, but that glance was enough to notice her cloths, shoes, hair, height, and size. And in that moment the sidewalk became a runway.


Not to mention, there were a couple of males walking towards us at the same time so naturally I decided that they would think she was prettier than me too. I think it is important to tell you that I don’t often compare myself to other’s this way, but it is something that I wish I never did at all.


As I entered my home, I decided to ask myself why I not only compared myself to this woman, but I defined how I felt about my looks today based on hers.

When I put effort into my appearance, not even Beyonce could make me feel bad about myself. It’s not because I think I’m prettier than her or anyone else for that matter. It’s because I feel like I’m looking my personal best, and that’s always good enough for me.


But today I allowed myself to dress in a “relaxed” fashion (“relaxed” = a hoodie and some black yoga pants). On days like these I decide that comfort and convenience make me feel better that cute boots and Spanx, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What ruins a day like this is when I compare myself to other women who wanted to look their best. That’s not fair to me, and it’s certainly not fair to them and how much effort they put into looking their best that day.


And as for whether or not those guys walking towards us thought she was cuter? I really don’t give a crap. I know nothing about them so their opinions of my looks shouldn’t amount to a hill of beans.


I know this post just seems like a personal pep talk, and in a way it might be, but it was intended as more than that. It was intended to share with you something that was shared with me today.

The next time you compare yourself to someone else, try to look at the big picture. Don’t simply define your worth based on their accomplishments because that means the only way you can succeed is if someone else is a failure. If I had to think that other woman was unattractive in order to feel good about myself today, that would have been very sad. Instead, I took her out of the equation all together and decided that I feel unbelievably comfortable in this hoodie and look pretty darn cute when I’m relaxed.

(Okay, maybe not that cute, but cute enough)
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4 thoughts on “Comparing yourself to others

  1. I love this post. Totally agree with you. I admit sometimes I compare myself to others and I’m not proud of it. So I always try to list the good aspect of myself and not the bad.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      I think everyone compares themselves to others, but that is the best way to put yourself in a crappy mood. lol

      We should all focus on nurturing what’s best about us and become even better! We all have different talents! 😀

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