Review: Bruderfold by Jason M. Burns

Review: Bruderfold by Jason M. Burns

Review: Bruderfold by Jason M. Burns
Brunderfold by Jason M. Burns

Published by Plymouth Rock Creative, LLC
Publication Date: June 26th 2013
Pages: 210
Format: eBook
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Locker 13 has been sealed shut at Duck Ridge High School for over thirty years, but when freshman Aiden Holmes discovers the lock’s long lost combination and opens the door, he’ll unleash a nightmarish fairy tale brought to life named Brunderfold who looks to feed on the imagination of its victims.

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I received this book for free from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This is a great little Halloween read for all ages!

When the story begins, the main character, Aiden, is forced to leave his mother; and move back into his childhood home, so he can live with his father who he hasn’t seen since he was a small child.
As you can imagine, being forced at 15 years old to leave the only parent that he’s ever really known so he can move in with the father he felt abandoned him, doesn’t make Aiden very happy.

When he makes it to town he’s got nothing but a duffel bag full of clothes and his dog Chester to keep him company, and he’s pretty miserable. He and his dad have a pretty rocky start too.

On his first day of school, Aiden meets the usual suspects:
Ronnie the bully, Ethan the nerd, and Olivia the romantic interest.
But the author does a fantastic job of keeping the characters familiar without letting them become cliché.

At some point Aiden stumbles upon a mysterious locker in his new school with a giant padlock on it, and of course just like any 15-year-old would, he opens it. And that’s when the fun begins!
He meets a very creepy boogeyman named Brunderfold who uses the pages of books to travel around and steal people’s imaginations. Isn’t that just too spooky and fun?!
When he’s not stealing imaginations, Brunderfold likes to make “friends” with children, and guess who he wants to be his new friend? That’s right, Aiden!

By “friends” he really means someone who will be his slave and help him feed on more imaginations. But what I liked most about Brunderfold as a villain, is that he feels like he’s right. The fact that it doesn’t seem evil to him to feed on the imaginations of unsuspecting kids, makes him extra spooky!

character development is very important to me even when I’m reading a cute, fun book. This may have been short read, but the author manages to pack a lot of character development into the pages.
Aiden fit into the role of the hero very well. He makes some mistakes a long the way, but he learns from them.
Ethan was probably my favorite character in the entire book though! He was sweet and funny, but he also gets his moments to shine and be a hero.
Ronnie is your typical bully, but there is a very sweet little twist that involves him, and I grew to tolerate, if not like, him. I really enjoyed watching them  all grow into young men in a very short amount of time.
Olivia was a decent romantic interest, but she was pretty much non-existent for most of the book. When she did show up, I liked though.

For me this book had elements of Nightmare on Elm Street, but instead of dreams the monster uses books to travel through. We also get to travel to this great world towards the end that reminded me of a spooky version of Wonderland.

For the older readers who are still young at heart and would enjoy reading a slightly spooky, very entertaining quick read, I suggest you give Brunderfold a try.
This isn’t anything that you haven’t watched or read before, but it’s done extremely well!

For the younger readers who think they might enjoy reading something a little spooky to get them in the mood for some Halloween fun, I definitely think you guys would enjoy this story! 😀

I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up. A small warning for parents of younger children: This book does have some creepy moments, but it doesn’t get too intense, and there’s no profanity.

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