Blog Tour: Matt Archer Bloodlines (Matt Archer #4) by Kendra C.Highley

Blog Tour: Matt Archer Bloodlines (Matt Archer #4) by Kendra C.Highley

Hi everyone! This is the tour for Matt Archer Bloodlines. I was lucky enough to be able to read all four books in the series in preparation for this tour, and I would like to thank the author, Kendra C. Highley, and Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours for providing me with the opportunity because the Matt Archer  series has now become a favorite of mine! Be sure to read my review of Bloodlines in the tour, and if you would like to read my reviews of the other three books in the series, click here. I hope you enjoy the tour! Don’t forget to check out the giveaway in the post!

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Publication date: 1/4/2014

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Format: e-book

Available at: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble |  Kobo  |  Smashwords  |  iTunes/Apple Bookstore

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When seventeen-year-old Matt Archer set out on his last mission in the Australian Outback, he thought it would be like every other hunt. 

Not even close. 

After only two days on the ground, his best friend is possessed, a long-lost family member has returned and hidden truths have come to the surface. Add in a coven of witches bent on bringing about the end of the world and, well, this trip has started to suck. Badly.  

As his power and strength continue to grow, so does Matt’s concern that he’s becoming more and more like the creatures he’s been charged to hunt: a monster.

Faced with some of his biggest challenges to date, Matt has to decide what he needs to protect most—his family, his team…or himself. 

Rose Separater


When I was fourteen, I picked up a knife and started a fight that was named mine long

before I was born. When I was fifteen, I was forced into a war against creatures the rest of

humankind should never know about—and they won’t if I have anything to do about it. When I

was sixteen, I became a slave to my destiny, and the spirits who guided it.

Now I’m seventeen, and the fault, a man once said, is not in our stars, but in ourselves. Or in

my case, my blood. Which is why I was chosen. And why I have to fight.

My name is Matt Archer. And I am my father’s son.

* * *

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all of you and drink your blood!”

My best friend was in rare form this evening. Will had been ranting like that ever since

he managed to spit out the bandana we’d gagged him with. No one felt like dealing with him,

though, so we didn’t bother shoving the gag back in.

Still, I felt responsible for his well-being, even if Will was possessed by a demon and not

his usual happy asshat self. I grabbed an MRE—a hamburger patty for the entree—and ducked

inside the command tent, one of the few left standing after last night’s monster attack. The

interior smelled like sweat, piss and…burned bacon?

“Gross, dude,” I told not-Will. “You smell like a prison latrine.”

Not-Will spit at me. His face was pale in the dim light, but his eyes glowed a brilliant jade

green. “You’ll beg for mercy before the end.”

“That’s getting really old. Why don’t you give your voice a rest, okay?” I held up the MRE.

“I’m guessing that even demons have to eat. You hungry?”

Not-Will shut up for a moment, but his muscles still strained against the towing cable

keeping him tied to his cot. My best friend, at six-four and two-hundred-forty pounds, was pretty

strong on his own. Add in a little dark magic, and he was like a tank with legs. It had taken three

guys to tie him up, and the Humvee’s towing cable—one end still attached to the vehicle—had

been the only thing hefty enough to keep not-Will chained.

“I would appreciate a meal,” he said in a formal, polite voice.

That wasn’t like the real Will, either.

“Okay. I’ll feed you and bring you some water, if only to keep your mouth full so you can’t

scream at us for a while.”

I opened the MRE, discarding anything not-Will could use as a weapon if he got loose.

Because his hands were tied behind his back, I had to feed him.

“Seriously, man, if you remember any of this after we exorcise you, you’ll never live it

down,” I muttered as not-Will chomped up his food like a rabid dog.

“I’ll kill you soon, so none of that matters,” not-Will said, smiling and showing me bits of

carrot in his teeth.

In any other situation, I’d have laughed. This evening, I had too much on mind to find any of

this funny.

Badass Aunt Julie poked her head in the tent while I attempted to shovel applesauce into

not-Will’s mouth. She wrinkled her nose at the stench. “Poor Will.”

“Hello, gorgeous.” Not-Will leered at my aunt, and his eyes roamed every part of her body.

Even wearing desert print battle-dress uniform, Aunt Julie was gorgeous…and no one but my

Uncle Mike had license to look at her that way. My fists clenched as he said, “Think I’ll keep

you around a while after I’ve killed all the men. We could have a little fun.”

Aunt Julie gave not-Will a dangerous smile. The demon must not know who he was dealing

with. “I’d like to see you try. I could kill you with a nail. Or a spoon.” Her smile faded into a

scowl. “Or a tire-iron. I’m not picky.”

“Captain, did you need something?” I asked, not in the mood to break up a tent brawl. When

in doubt, interrupt.

“Sorry,” she said, rubbing her eyes. “The major got worried so I came to check on you.”

I shrugged; Major Tannen—also known as my Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie’s husband—had

reason to worry. Right now, it seemed like this day would never, ever end.

I’d gotten most of the food into not-Will’s mouth and I was ready to escape. “Will, if you’re

in there, kick that demon’s ass, okay? See you later.”

We’d barely cleared the tent before he started screaming threats again. Every muscle in

my back tensed up. “Tell the major I’ll be at the other end of camp.” I jabbed a thumb at the

command tent. “I don’t think I can handle listening to that anymore.”

Aunt Julie patted my shoulder. “We’ll fix it. Agent Archer thinks his contact with the local

Nocturna Maura coven can help displace Will’s demon.”

Agent Archer…maybe if I called him that—instead of Dad—this whole situation would be a

little less weird.

I doubted it, though. “I need some air.”

I stalked to the far end of camp and settled down facing west. The sun was beginning to set,

and I needed its warmth and protection for as long as it lasted. Night would bring horrors, and I

had to be prepared to fight them.

I reached into my left jacket pocket and pulled out the St. Christopher medal my girlfriend

had given me more than a year ago. I turned it over and over in my hand. I missed Ella like

crazy, and the medal gave me hope that I’d live to see another dawn.

Dad came striding out of the HQ tent and headed my direction. He didn’t see Uncle Mike

step out behind him, his right arm bound up in a sling. Not-Will had dislocated Uncle Mike’s

shoulder in addition to breaking my nose last night. Mike watched Dad’s progress with narrowed

eyes. I let out a long breath. As if I didn’t have enough to deal with; now I was caught in a tug

of war between the guy who fathered me and the man who raised me. My life could easily be a

three-ring circus for all the chaos and drama going on around me.

“Tink, think you could, I don’t know, teleport me somewhere?”

No answer.

“Crap, now I’m missing you and Ella. How’s that for irony?”

Still nothing. Yeah, Tink was well and truly gone. Our knife-spirits had been banished

somehow. Not-Will had told us his mistress had sent them away. As angry as I’d been with Tink

when we left on this mission, the absence of her presence in my head left an echoing emptiness. 

And despair, too. How could we complete this operation without the spirits’ help? I had to

get her back somehow, if not for me, for Will. I’d seen Tink save someone else from a demon

possession—maybe she’d be able to help Will, too.

If only I could find her.



I received a free copy of this book from the author via Reading Addiction Virtual Blog Tours in exchange for and honest review.

 I am having a tough time writing a review for this book. Usually when I enjoy a book as much as I did this one the review just comes pouring out, but not this time. I think the problem is that I want to talk about too much! So many things happened in this story and I want to touch on them all, but at the same time I don’t want to spoil anything. I think that the only way I will be satisfied with this review is if I just pick one aspect of the book and review that, and as long as I’m focusing this review on one thing I may as well pick the thing I love most about this entire series and that thing is Matt.

It’s official, Matt Archer is my new favorite! Over the course of four novels I have been able to watch him grow from a boy into a man and from a man into a hero, and he is still just seventeen years old. I am surprised by how protective I have become of this character in such a short amount of time. I actually get angry because of all the responsibility that has been placed on his shoulders. At first I was baffled that so many adults would be willing to allow a child to take on such responsibilities, but as I have gotten to know Matt, I understand why. He is that one in a million type of hero. His strength and compassion run so deeply that it is not difficult to belive that he is the world’s only hope. He has a seemingly endless amount of bravery and strength, saves thousands of lives on a regular basis, and yet feels guilt over every life that he has been unable to save.

 I was glad to see that in this book Matt’s burden was lightened some because he was able to share it with more people. Matt isn’t alone anymore, and he now knows more about what is and isn’t expected of him. Matt learns that Mammie, Will, and the other wielders are all necessary to save the world, and that is a huge weight off of his shoulders. Matt may be my new favorite hero, but there are several heroes in this story, and they are almost as amazing as he is.

I love how the relationships that Matt has with those around him were strengthened in this novel.

Matt and Ella are  more deeply in love than ever, and I am finally satisfied with Ella’s development as a character. She is a very sweet person who loves Matt more than anything and just the type of girlfriend he needs.

 Mammie is still his rock, but Matt learns that she is even more incredible than he could have ever imagined, and I refuse to spoil anything, but I hope the author writes a book from Mammie’s point of view some day. Please, Kendra?!

 Uncle Mike continues to do the impossible and watch his nephew, who he loves like a son, constantly risk his life; and although he knows that there is no other choice, that doesn’t mean that it is easy for him.

Matt and Will are still the monster hunting version of the Dynamic Duo, but this time Robin is just as important and almost as powerful as Batman. I am so happy that WIll and Matt have each other to go through all of this craziness with. They understand one another in ways that no one else ever will.

Even Matt’s relationship with Tink, the spirit who inhabits his knife, gets stronger. She is finally allowing Matt to have some time where he is just human. Don’t get me wrong, she still gives him a thump on the head when she thinks he needs it, but she is also more patient with him.

,And The man who Matt spent his entire life believing abandoned him and his family is suddenly back in his life, and Matt has to decide just how much he is willing to forgive.

While there is a lot of intricate character and relationship building in this book, I don’t want to give you the impression that it was slow. I didn’t think it was possible, but Matt takes on bigger and badder monsters this time. Good thing that Matt has a supernatural knife spirit who possesses him when he fights because he needs every ounce of his knife spirit’s  magic to deal with these monsters. At one point he battles over a dozen of these giants by himself with nothing but two blades! That was definitely my favorite action scene so far. 

When I think back on how much happened in this novel, it is no surprise that I had a difficult time deciding what to talk about in my review, and this book moved constantly. if Matt wasn’t killing something or saving someone, he was sharing a monumental moment with someone he loved. I have read series that took three books to accomplish what this one book did. Secrets kept being revealed, and my head is still spinning from all the twist and turns.

When the final book comes out I will be conflicted over whether I should read it right away or wait a while. On one hand I can not wait to read how the story ends, but on the other hand I don’t want to have to say goodbye to Matt. It has been a pleasure reading about all of his adventures and the different characters that make up his world. One thing I know for sure, is that it has been a wild ride that I will never forget!

Because of language, violence, and mild sexual content, I would recommend this book for ages 15 and up.


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You have the chance to enter the tour wide giveaway for a $25.00 Amazon gift card! Click the link below and it will take you to the giveaway page!



Kendra C. Highley

Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to two self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most important job. She believes chocolate is a basic human right, running a 10k is harder than it sounds, and that everyone should learn to drive a stick-shift. She loves monsters, vacations, baking and listening to bad electronica.




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