Blog Tour: How To Bake A Chocolate Soufflé by Carly Ellen Kramer

Blog Tour: How To Bake A Chocolate Soufflé by Carly Ellen Kramer

This is the tour for How To Bake A Chocolate Soufflé by Carly Ellen Kramer! I had a great time reading and reviewing this book, and there are two great giveaway opportunities in the post. If you want a chance to win a copy, make sure to enter!

Blog Tour: How To Bake A Chocolate Soufflé by Carly Ellen Kramer

How To Bake A Chocolate Soufflé by Carly Ellen Kramer

Series: Cherry Harbor,
Genres: Romance
Publication Date: September 23rd 2014
Pages: 276
Format: eBook
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Forget what your English professor told you – life stories are not written in college.

Madeleine LaBlange, Annie Anderson, and Audrey Navarro shared formative years as roommates at Chicago’s Catholic haven for women, the historic Abbott College. If only they could have predicted the collisions between their carefully crafted life plans and the realities they discover beyond campus...

Madeleine harbors dreams of becoming a concert pianist while Dr. Reynold Fenwick, her mercurial graduate school mentor, harbors fantasies of Madeleine. Will pursuing her dreams be worth the cost? Will an evening in Budapest change her life forever?

Annie plans to build a perfect family with her perfect husband in the cutthroat news media industry, until an abrupt tragedy shakes the foundations of her marriage. What happens when she feels pulled between the two men she loves most, her husband and her father?

Audrey leaves her religious, restrictive parents behind and aims for Chicago’s downtown skyline, dating recklessly and staring down each grueling workday one Chicago Dog at a time. Will an island respite lure her away from her corporate future? When she finds herself in the arms of an unexpected lover, will she have the courage to stand up for her own evolving sense of self?

Follow the journeys of these remarkable women, and cheer them on as they navigate life, love, and chocolate soufflé.

Includes over a dozen decadent new recipes from Crowded Earth Kitchen!

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I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


This was a much lighter read than I was expecting.

The story follows three women, Madeline, Annie, and Audrey from the ages of twenty-three to forty-two, and I assumed that they were going to experience a lot of tragic moment over the course of their adult life. Actually, they just went through the same things that most people go through over the years.


They had to deal with work, family, and personal acceptance just like everyone else, but they had really good lives filled with love and laughter. There is only one tragedy in the entire book, and while it was sad, this was not a depressing book.


I read a lot of romance heavy and action packed books that are intended for a younger audience, and I haven’t read a book like this in a long time so it took some getting used to. There were a few too many details for my taste, but the details were very well written. All three main characters came across as intelligent, well-traveled, and sophisticated woman who had a healthy amount of self-respect. There is something to be said about women who have been through the growing pains and managed to come out on the other side better versions of themselves.

They all knew what they wanted out of life, and didn’t sweat the small stuff, and I enjoyed reading about characters like them. I’m used to my heroines being teenagers and battling werewolves while they wonder why the cute guy they are in love with doesn’t talk to them anymore. It was refreshing to read about grown women with realistic problems for once.


Each chapter was devoted to a year in each woman’s life. One chapter, I would read about something interesting that happened in Madeline’s life when she was 33 and then the next chapter would be all about how Annie spent her 34th year. This was an interesting way to tell a story, but it did feel like time was moving too fast sometimes.


The only one who gets married and starts having kids at an early age is Annie, the other two women take less traditional routes, and as a result, they spend years sort of drifting. When they do finally figure out what they want out of life, it kind of felt like they wasted time to me.

I liked Annie’s story from start to finish. She found her peace and happiness earlier than the other two. She married a wonderful man right out of college, and had a beautiful family. Madeline and Audrey take less traditional routes, and as a result, they spend years sort of drifting. I’m not saying that a woman can only be satisfied if she has a traditional family, but they took more time to figure out what they wanted out of life so they weren’t as content as Annie was for most of the book.

Eventually, all three women find what they truly want out of life, and they have some amazing experiences along the way.


I thought this book would focus more on friendship than it did, but it was really about self discovery. It was very well written, and filled with interesting details. There are also some great recipes for all you foodies out there.

This is a light read for those rainy days when you find yourself with some much treasured free time.


Because of language and content, I would recommend this book for ages 17 and up. There are no sex scenes, and the romance is clean, but this is a book intended for adults.

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Author Biography

About Carly Ellen Kramer

Carly Ellen is a food traveler and writer who loves incorporating delicious recipes into her stories. She has a minor obsession with French boulangeries, and is sublimely happy with a fresh baguette and cup of espresso in any European cobblestoned square.

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