Review: One More Day by L.S. Murphy and Various Authors

Review: One More Day by L.S. Murphy and Various Authors

Review: One More Day by L.S. Murphy and Various Authors

One More Day by L.S. Murphy

Genres: Young Adult
Publication Date: December 2nd 2013
Format: eARC
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What if today never ends?

What if everything about life—everything anyone hoped to be, to do, to experience—never happens?

Whether sitting in a chair, driving down the road, in surgery, jumping off a cliff or flying … that’s where you’d be … forever.

Unless …

In One More Day, Erika Beebe, Marissa Halvorson, Kimberly Kay, J. Keller Ford, Danielle E. Shipley and Anna Simpson join L.S. Murphy to give us their twists, surprising us with answers to two big questions, all from the perspective of characters under the age of eighteen.

How do we restart time?

How do we make everything go back to normal?

The answers, in whatever the world—human, alien, medieval, fantasy or fairytale—could,maybe, happen today.

Right now.

What would you do if this happened … to you?

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I received this book for free from J. Taylor Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

One More Day is a collection of seven short stories that share a common theme. Each story involves time suddenly stopping, and focuses on how the main character not only deals with that sudden shock but how or if they can get time to start again. I’m going to share a small review of each story, and then let you guys know how much I liked the entire book! This should be fun!

Time piece by Anna Simpson:

This story was cute, but interesting at the same time. It was the perfect choice for the first story in the collection because I was intrigued and ready to read more after I finished it. The main character Sadie is brave, intelligent,and manages to be in two places at once. (That last statement will make more sense once you read the story) This story also had the longest almost kiss that I’ve ever read, and  that just made it more all the more  adorable to read.

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Dark Rose by Marissa Halvorson:

This was a great little sci-fi/fantasy story, and I could tell that the author was trying to say a lot with a very small amount of words, but it needed to be a full length novel not a short story. If I’d had more time to get to know the main characters Scarlett, Letta, and Carlee, and there had been more action and world building, then this story would have been fantastic. It’s worth a read though because it was very original and mysterious. I’m still trying to figure out certain things about the plot, and the villain, The Dark Rose, was especially chilling.

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Dragon Flight by J. Keller Ford:

I loved this story! It was sweet, funny, romantic, interesting, original, and exciting. How the author manged to pack all of that into such a short amount of pages, I don’t know.  I was in suspense the entire time I was reading, and I did not see that ending coming. It reminded  me of an episode of the Twilight zone or Outer Limits, and drew me in from the beginning. When I got to the end, I wanted to read more, but I was completely satisfied with the grand finale!

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The 13th Month by L.S. Murphy:

The author of this story has been on the best seller’s list, and I can see why!

Wow! The story was action packed, thought-provoking, and original! It had a much darker tone than the others in the collection, but there was hope at the end. The main character had to endure a lot in 2 weeks, and literally had the fate of the world resting on his shoulders. I could definitely see this being a prequel of sorts for a series of full length novels, and if it is, then sign me up for the next book!

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Sleepless Beauty by Kimberly Kay:

This is the “real” story of Sleeping Beauty, and if you love fairy tales, then you will adore it! It was so creative and sweet, and I can tell that the author has spent a lot of time reading/watching and then rearranging Sleeping Beauty into this retelling. In my opinion fairy tales are meant to be short stories so it was a perfect inclusion for this collection. Plus it gave me a very bright smile that I will carry for the rest of the day! I also thing that this would make for a great bed time story for children and adults! 😀

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Stage Fright by Erika Beebe:

It seemed the entire story took place in a single moment. It was about a girl, Hannah,  deciding whether or not she is going to go in the direction that others want her to, wait for prince charming to come save her, or go her own way and save herself in the process.

This story had a great message, but it skipped around too much for me. Hannah has the lead part in the play Kiss Me Kate (One of my favorites), and a lot of time is spent on the plot of the play. That time could have been better spent explaining to me why Hanna felt so alone and isolated from the world because then I would have gotten to know her better.

This was just another case of the story being better suited for a full length novel than it was for a short story. But I don’t think that the fact that I want more of this story from the author is a bad thing, do you?

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A Morrow More by Danielle E. Shipley

This one was fantastic! I love Fantasy novels, and usually I feel like they need at least 300 pages to be well fleshed out. I never would have thought that a short story in the Fantasy genre could work as well as this one did. It, like the other stories in the collection, had a nice dose of romance, but  it was the internal monologue that really made it a joy to read. The way the author used the English language was beautiful,and really had me connected to the main character from paragraph one! I only had one problem, and that was the fact that the “big reveal” was very similar to the another story in this book. However, that didn’t keep this from being my favorite story in the collection!

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 Now I’m going to give my over all thoughts on the book!

First I would like to thank one of the authors, L. S. Murphy for giving me the opportunity to read this book!

I this is only the second short story collection that I’ve ever read. I used to feel like it was impossible to really tell a complete story with only  few pages, but this collection changed my mind on that. The entire book was enjoyable to read, and although I still want to read longer versions of most of the stories, I am more than satisfied with how they all ended!

I would recommend this book to fans of YA novels, all fans of YA novels, because it had something for everyone. It had Dystopian, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Humor, and Romance lots and lots of Romance!

This book was clean. Because of profanity, violence, and some slight mentions of sex, I would recommend it for ages 13 and up

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One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

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  1. As one of the authors in this collection, I’m just beaming from ear to ear. As a reader, I think you nailed every one of the stories. Thank you so much for your time to read and review. I’m glad you enjoyed all the stories. 🙂

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