Review: The Page Turners by Kevin T. Johns


GR Button Publication date: November 27th 2013
Genres: Young Adult, Horror
Formats: e-book
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green synopsis

Violent Bullies. Broken Homes. Black Magic. KILLER fiction.

From author Kevin T. Johns comes the novel critics are describing as “a crimson-stained love letter to genre fiction” and the first book in a “must read” series.

Nate Bourdain and his friends are thrilled to discover an ancient book of magic spells hidden in their school library–they now have the means to stand up to the villains who make high-school life such a battle. But, when the book’s dark magic releases a fictional killer into the real world, the teens must prove they have what it takes to be heroes, or fall as bloody victims in their own horror story turned real.

The Page Turners: Blood is the first book in the Page Turners trilogy: a genre-spanning series sure to please young adult fans of paranormal horror, science-fiction, and fantasy


green review

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book reminded me a lot of those coming of age movies from the 80’s and early 90’s, and that’s a good thing. What set those movies apart and made them so enjoyable was how realistic they were in terms of how it feels to be a kid/teenager, and while reading The Page Turners, I got the same feeling.

In this story, bullies are portrayed as monstrously as children view them to be, parents divorcing is the end of the world, and absolutely no adult truly understands what any of the teens are thinking and feeling. Although we learn as we get older that none of those things are cut and dry, bullies are very human, sometimes marriages fail, and you would be surprised how well your parents actually understand you sometimes. When you’re a kid, everything is heightened, and the smallest things have a lasting effect on who you become.

I am not saying that bullies, divorce, and feeling misunderstood are small things to deal with, I am saying that at an age when getting a pimple, having a bad hair day, or farting in class, feels like the end of the world, dealing with serious issues is all the more damaging, and this book understands that fact.

The story revolves around three 14-year-old boys, Danny, Nate, and Spenser. They are the founding and only members of a school reading club called The Page Turners. These boys are characters that we have all run into before, and I am sure more than a few of us can identify with them. They are the nerds who everyone either picks on or ignores, the readers who laugh at strange jokes, and the oddballs. To top everything off, they live in a small town that worships jocks and looks upon everyone else as being inferior.

Let me tell you a little about each boy:

Nate is the leader of the group who finds the book that starts the whole mess. He is an angry kid. His dad left when he was younger, his mother his dead, and he is left with an alcoholic step-father who never wanted or should have had custody of a child. He gets the majority of the bullying in his small group of friends because he is the only one who fights against his status of being a “worthless nerd”. The other two seem to have an attitude of acceptance that high school is just going to suck for them, but Nate wants more. He talks to the girlfriend of the school’s biggest bully, and fights back when the same bully picks on him. Even though It just makes things worse, I actually admired Nate’s spunk. He wasn’t a particularly nice kid, but for some reason, I still liked him. I understood that his anger came from a place of hopelessness, and say what you will about him, but he was  brave. I get the feeling that he could become a great hero or villain by the end of this series. He could go either way.

Spenser is the lovable butterball in the group. His personality isn’t as strong as Nate or Danny’s so he spends most of his time refereeing fights between the two. But even though Spenser wasn’t a big personality, he was the most likable character. He was simply a nice kid who didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He dealt with self-esteem issues because of his weight and he is confronted with the news that his family isn’t as happy as he always believed it was, but through it all, he remains a nice person. I respected his characters and felt like he was more mature than some of the adults in the book. I don’t have to wonder about whether or not Spenser will become a hero or villain some day because he is already a hero.

If I had to choose a favorite member of The Page Turners, it would be Danny. I liked all three boys, and they alternated as my favorites while I was reading, but in the end, Danny was my guy. I am not even sure why I liked Danny so much. He wasn’t the deepest of characters. His family life was healthy. He had two great parents that loved him, his sister, and each other very much. Even his relationship with his sister was good. But maybe that’s why I liked him. I was blessed enough to have a happy childhood with a loving family so Danny represented me. He is also the one who experiences the greatest loss during the course of the book. He falls in love for the first time, and I can’t tell you much without spoiling, but his first love doesn’t run smoothly. He was a good mixture between Nate and Spenser, and he rounded out the group very well. He had a strong personality, but he was also very sweet. And of course he was heroic as well.

There are only two other important characters in the book, Diana, Danny’s little sister and Valande, the villain.

While Diana could be considered a  main character because several chapters are featured from her point of view, she wasn’t as much of a focus as the boys. However, I liked her inclusion in the story. She was the healthiest out of all four children. She was strong-willed without being stubborn, and she handled some very difficult situations with the grace and maturity of a much older girl. I hope more of a spotlight is shined on her in the next books. I was also impressed with how well the author wrote in the voice of a young woman. I know that is just part of the job when you choose to write novels, you have to be able to see from all points of view, but I still appreciate it when authors do a good job of writing the opposite gender.

Valande is my only true complaint about this book. He wasn’t a well or poorly written villain, he was just bland. There were several scary things that happened because of him, but he himself, wasn’t very frightening. I liked the fact that he was an old school vampire, there was nothing glittery about this guy, but he was still a cliché so I can’t put him on my list of favorites. There just isn’t a whole lot to say about him other than he fell flat. He was, however, a great way to keep the story moving and give the kids something to fight against. There are a couple of scenes that made me wonder what age group to recommend this book for. It never became distasteful or overly graphic, but I’ve read some graphic books that didn’t make me as nervous while I read them. The suspense was very well written, and there were just enough details to get me jittery.

I was surprised by how easy and enjoyable this book was to read. When I first started, I was concerned that the language would be too flowery and the shift between points of view would become annoying, but neither happened. There was a great mixture between flowery descriptions and straight to the point writing, and I never once was bothered by the different points of view.

This is a great book to give to children between the ages of 12 and 14, but I can honestly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well told coming of age story. I am already hooked and will be reading the next installment as soon as it comes out.

Because of very mild language and some violence, I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up. Absolutely no sexual content. 

Four Roses


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green author bio

Kevin T. Johns

Kevin T. Johns grew up in a small Ontario town, reading comic books, watching horror movies, and playing guitar in punk rock bands. After studying film and English literature in university, he co-founded an arts and culture magazine, where he was a contributing writer and senior editor for several years. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two daughters. The Page Turners is his debut novel. Look for books two and three of The Page Turners Trilogy.


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Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook 


Giveaway & Blitz: Blood Chained by Eden Ashley


Hi, everyone! Today’s blitz is for Blood Chained by Eden Ashley. I will be giving away a copy of the book and there is another great giveaway opportunity in the post. Hope you enjoy the blitz!


Blood Chained by Eden Ashley 

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Publication date: November 18th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Available at: Amazon


blue synopsis

Sometimes great evil is necessary to keep what you love most.

After centuries on the run, Rhane can avoid justice no longer. Primes have called him home and now he must finally answer for the sins of his past. But the situation in Rhane’s homeland is far worse than anyone could have imagined, and the judgment Rhane faces is a brutal one. Even relying on the strength of the immortal Banewolf, the man he has become may not survive.

Kali and the other kin work tirelessly to secure Rhane’s freedom, but many obstacles stand in their way. Wesley offers a solution that hinges upon resuming a dangerous search for the Siren’s Heart. Trusting him, she and the kin set out once again to find the elusive artifact, believing Rhane and Warren’s freedom can be bartered in exchange for the statue. But other creatures are searching for the Heart. And with greater resources and a head start, their enemies may reach it first.


blue excerpt

Warning: This excerpt contains some cursing and violence, and is suitable for ages 13 and up.

When another presence entered the locker room, Kali halted her pacing. “You’re late,” she said without turning around. He hadn’t made a sound, but somehow she felt him. That was happening a lot lately.

“Sorry. But I seem to have my own classes to attend. And they’re across town, at the university.” Callan’s blue eyes seemed happy to see her. His voice was light and teasing, a stark contrast to the sharpness in hers. Scowling, he glanced around the small space that smelled of female hormones and sweat. “Tell me again why you insist on meeting here.”

She folded her arms. “You know I can’t sneak away from the boys. It wouldn’t be fair to them. And it could be dangerous.”

“Okay. I accept that.” He took a step closer. “But you can at least stop being so uptight.” He fingered a stray curl, only making her heart ache even more for Rhane. “Everyone is working together to keep you safe.”

She didn’t move away. “I know.”

“It’s always good to see you.” He came even closer, invading her intimate space as if it were his to claim. She could tell he was hungry to touch her, to be touched. To be used.

She hated it when he got like this. He was a tool, an object of convenience. Nothing more could ever evolve of their situation. But sometimes, it was like Cal had forgotten the terms of their arrangement.

Taking a seat on the bench put more distance between them. She hoped the move would help remove some of the heat from Cal’s eyes. Unfortunately, it also meant he now towered over her. The position of dominance only elevated the tension.

She needed to change the subject. “Why are you attending classes? Surely, Gabriel the mastermind has better things to do than study English 101. Scheming for world conquest sounds more up his alley.”

Cal smiled. “Oh he’s scheming alright.” He took a seat next to her, watching her face earnestly. “I still have a life of my own.”

“No.” She closed her eyes. “You forfeited your life to Gabriel.”

“I’m here now.”

“And so is he. His fate is your fate. You can never be without him.” She didn’t understand how Cal failed to understand that.

“We’ll have to agree to disagree, babe.” He reached for her, stopping when she pulled away. His brow wrinkled. “Are we doing this or not?”

“You know I have to.”

“Then stop being so cold.”

“I don’t enjoy this.”

“I think you do, sometimes.”

A knife of pain stabbed into Kali’s chest and twisted. Was it guilt? Did Cal’s words hold some truth? She bit her lip. The hurt it brought grounded her thoughts to the task at hand. “Let’s get it over with.”

Cal rolled his eyes. “That’s better.”

She frowned. “This is strictly business.”

“Right,” he agreed, but didn’t sound convinced.

Kali didn’t care if he agreed. She only needed him for one thing. Still, his hands were eager as they beckoned her closer, held her so tenderly against him. His lips closed around her mouth, cool to the touch. He remembered well and sought to please her, stroking everywhere she liked. Her ears, the back of her neck, the swell of her breast—his gentle caresses found the most sensitive parts of her, coaxing Kali into heightened arousal. She had felt more with him than with any other before Rhane. But with Cal there was always darkness. Feeding from him left her with angry thoughts and violent urges almost too compelling to resist. Daily matches against the kin helped channel those powerful inclinations, giving her rage an outlet.

But when Kali reached for his spark…this time things were different.

Threads of light had woven into the darker pitch of his aura. Intense purples and royal blues replaced black and gray emptiness. Something had tempered the savage coldness, cultured his humanity.

Cal was different.

Nearly losing the moment when his hands slipped beneath her blouse, Kali redirected her focus. She had to take the necessary energy hard and fast. The more he touched her, the deeper he fell. The more things got confusing. She needed to get this over quickly for both their sakes.

Pressing her hands on either side of his face, Kali drank deeply, urgently. Cal’s lips grew colder. His fingers chilled against her skin. Still, she drank. His spark dimmed and darkened, almost recoiling from her touch. But she pulled it back, sating her thirst. His fingers tightened, dug painfully into her skin. A tremor rippled through his body. Cal shuddered, sagged against her. Then she released him.

Cal sat dazed for several long moments. Then his eyes cleared and he jerked as if suddenly emerging from deep sleep. He was panting as he stood up, wobbling unsteadily on his feet. “Shit, Kal.” He moved away from her, to the corner of the room. “Did you have to take so much?”

“Sorry. The hunger is getting worse.”

“I can’t say I haven’t noticed. What are we up to, twice a week now?”

“Sometimes three.” Her reply was absent. She straightened her clothes, busy considering something weighing on her mind for a while now. “I need to figure out how to do this without making out with you. I’ve fed without intimacy once before. I know it’s possible.”

“You don’t have to.” Though he still sounded a tad breathless, Cal moved close to her again. “I prefer things this way.”

“And you know I don’t.” Hurt written plainly in his expression, she regretted her words. There was no sign of the arrogant and selfish boy she dated a year ago.

“He left you, Kali.”

“He’s coming back.”

His fingers squeezed her wrist, and those piercing blue eyes locked onto hers. “But what if he doesn’t?”

Callan, don’t.” Fearing what holding that gaze would to do him, she pulled away to gather her things. It was time to go.

But Cal wasn’t ready to leave yet. “If things were different…we could have a chance.” His face was hopeful, imploring for something Kali couldn’t give. “I can make you happy this time. I know it.”

“I appreciate all you’ve done for me…everything you keep doing.” She averted her eyes, unable to look at him. It seemed that she was destined to hurt him. Her very design made it unavoidable. “But Rhane is my soul mate. I will find him. And I will bring him home.”

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blue author interview

Is this your first book? How many books have you written?

Blood Chained is not my first book. It’s actually the third book in a planned four-part series. Rhane and Kali’s journey begins in Dark Siren where they first find each other and try to figure the many secrets standing between them. Banewolf was released last year and continues their story. I’m extremely happy with how the second book turned out. It’s getting a lot of great reviews right now.

What does your writing process look like?

It involves lots of post-its and scratch paper for random flashes of inspiration that I really, really, really don’t want to forget. With the Dark Siren series, as things got more complex, I had to make a reference chart of characters, their relationships and motivations—I also ended up crossing them off as they died, so they didn’t accidentally make it into future scenes!

Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others?

Action scenes take the longest. And this series has a lot of action. I like to keep things interesting, so it’s worth the struggle.

What are you working on now? What is your next project?

I’m currently finishing up the final book in the Dark Siren series. It’s tentatively titled Primed Son and will be released next year. At the same time, I’m working on another paranormal romance. It’s a separate book that follows entirely different characters. I’ve put some excerpts online and have gotten some really good feedback, so I’m pretty excited about it. Look for it next year as well.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I would have to say telekinesis, but on a Dark Phoenix level. Being able to move things with my mind would be invaluable during my morning commute to work.


blue author bio


I’m Eden Ashley and I was born and raised in a small, sunny town in South Carolina. However, it’s the thunderstorms that inspire my best ideas. There are few things I love more than curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee on a rainy day, (except maybe chocolate cake. I love cake.) often reading into the wee hours of morning when something really grabs me. I pretty much love anything with supernatural elements, so writing paranormal romance and fantasy romance seems to be a natural fit.

My first novel, Dark Siren, is best described as paranormal romance artfully wrapped within a plot chock-full of action, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, while the series has evolved to become a journey of redemption and second chances as two characters understand that sometimes committing evil is necessary to protect what is loved most. I took the siren from Greek mythology (and borrowed a little from mermaid lore), creating an entirely different creature, with its own mythology, and one that Publisher’s Weekly praised for its passion and complexity. This is not just another werewolf/shapeshifter romance or vampire romance. I think this is a story that both adults and teens can enjoy, full of characters to fall in love with!

I love getting feedback! For the latest news on upcoming sequels and other novels, find me on my website:
Twitter: Eden_byNite, for writing tips, publishing help, and daily updates.


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Nerdy obsession of the week: Baby it’s cold outside!

I am fully willing to admit how redundant this post is. I mean, if you live on the East coast, you know it’s unseasonable cold outside. For all I know, it could be cold all over the country, but I am one of those people who is only concerned about the weather that affects me. But the point is, you know whether or not it’s cold outside right now, and don’t need me to tell you that.

This post isn’t really about how freaking cold it is though, it’s more about the fact that this is the first time I can ever remember having to deal with this type of cold, and how much I am enjoying it.

For the most part I have always been lucky enough to run in and out of weather like this. I go from my car to whichever building I need to be in back to my car again. I do have a dog, but I have to admit, I never needed to walk him as much as I do now. We just moved from a house with a nice, big fenced in backyard to an apartment complex with a few green patches where my dog can do his business.

Don’t feel sorry for my pooch though. He loves it! He gets walked more now that I can’t be lazy and just let him out back, and because he is covered head to toe in the most adorable fur coat, he can’t get enough of the cold. He thrives in it and never wants to come back in. (darn him)

I have to admit that I don’t hate the cold either. For the most part, I don’t have to deal with it and it is still new to me so I may even go so far as to say I like it. I get to wear all the hats I’ve knitted over the years, and it is impossible for me to maintain a bad mood when the wind is trying to knock me down while I pick up my doggie’s daily–um grass fertilizer? Daily doddies? Euphemism for poop? Yeah, “euphemism for poop” gets my point across well. I think I’ll go with that.

Anyway, for some reason the absurd combination of freezing temperatures and forceful winds makes me smile. I think it is the comical nature of it all. I know that the day when I do something unbelievably embarrassing because of this wind is fast approaching. I wouldn’t call myself a klutz, but I am a dreamer with her head in the clouds, and you tend to get hurt sometimes when you don’t look where you’re going. Add heavy winds and a bag of “euphemism for poop” to that equation, and you are going to get a hilarious result eventually. The anticipation for that day just makes me giggle, and I can’t help put enjoy the cold in the mean time.

Plus since cold weather isn’t the norm in the South and I lived there my entire life up until recently, I have always enjoyed cold weather. Winter is my favorites season, and I am the type of person who will let her window up in freezing temps just so I can get under a bunch of blankets with a heating pad. Warming up is just about the best feeling in the world, and in order to warm up, you have to be cold first.

So I hope my love of this weather remains throughout the season. It is still very early, and I haven’t had to take the puppy out in a lot of snow yet so I’m a little worried that the fascination with northern weather may end on that day. Keep your fingers crossed for me though. Even if you rightfully hate cold weather, I don’t ever want to lose my love for it. :D

And since the title of this post probably made you think of the song, enjoy one of the more entertaining  renditions!

(And note: make sure to watch the entire video, Red Skelton’s version is hilarious. lol)

Keep warm everyone! Until next time…

Giveaway & Blitz:The Expatriates by Corinne O’Flynn


Hi, everyone! Today’s blitz is for The Expatriates by Corinne O’Flynn. There are two great giveaway opportunities in the post so make sure to check them out! Enjoy the post!


The Expatriates #1 by Corinne O’Flynn 
(Song of the Sending) 
GR ButtonPublication date: October 15th 2014 
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Formats: e-book
Available at: Amazon, B&N


blue synopsis

They told him his world was destroyed.
And they were the last to escape.
They thought he was safe.
They were wrong.

Jim Wales can communicate with animals, but that’s not why he lives with a traveling carnival. Turns out his family’s been hiding him there since he was little, since someone started hunting all the scholars. Jim is a scholar—someone who can manipulate energy using magic—and he has no idea.

When a message arrives from Jim’s father—who supposedly died twelve years ago—Jim’s whereabouts are discovered, their carnival is attacked, and his mother is kidnapped. On the run with a strange glass map and a single coin, Jim finds himself racing to reclaim the father he thought he’d lost, plotting to save his mother, and discovering the truth about who he is.

But going home isn’t the same as being safe, and trust is everything.

What readers are saying:

“Told in a beautiful, flowing style full of colorful images and adrenaline-pumping action.”

“Pop some popcorn, sit back … and enjoy the thrill ride, right up to the end, which leaves you begging for more.”

“Captures your attention from the start and then guides you through a roller coaster of adventure, drama, mystery, magic and young love.”


blue excerpt

Shh!” Charlie stepped toward the midway, her head cocked to listen. What in the world?

I followed her gaze across the fairgrounds where the big top towered over the smaller event tents. Festive red, white, and blue flags atop each of them blew in the morning breeze.

Do you guys hear that? she asked.

Hear what? Hollis said, wiping sweat from his face. He held the swaddled bird against his chest.

The peaked canopy of the big top stood tall over the row of concession stands. The old marquee twinkled faintly in the sunlight, its red and yellow light bulbs spelling out Sweetwaters Traveling Show. Everything was quiet.

“Charlie?” I knew better than to question her ears.

What is it? Sam asked.

Shhh. She closed her eyes and cupped her hands around her ears.

I dont hear anything, I said. Actually I dont hear anything at all.

Usually, on the day we arrived in a town, the fairgrounds were so noisy you could barely have a conversation without shouting. The roustabouts and canvasmen made a terrible racket erecting the tents and hammering the steel spikes into the ground. Then there was the constant hum of generators and cranes and trucks permeating everything as we all got things ready for the weeklong stay. Not to mention the animals screeching and squawking and the regular people noise. But from where we stood, it was eerily quiet. The whole place felt like a ghost town.

A mushroom of black smoke billowed above the big top in the distance. A rolling boom

reached us a moment later.

Whoa, Sam whispered.

“Sweet Sisters. Theyre here, Hollis said.

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blue author interview

Tell us about your book.

THE EXPATRIATES is the first book in a new YA fantasy series about a teenage boy, Jim Wales, who discovers his family’s been hiding him in a traveling carnival because he’s being hunted for his powers.

How would you describe your writing?

I’ve been told my writing is quite visual, and I like to think that’s true. I’m a very visual person and that comes through while I’m at my desk writing because as I build the worlds of my story, I tend to start with visuals in an attempt to bring you into my world, fully in that moment, in that scene. I think all writers want readers to have that immersive experience while reading. And for me, that begins with visuals.

Do you have to plan to write or are you constantly jotting ideas and lines down?

A little of both. The only way for me to get work done is to schedule the time on my calendar. My biggest challenge in my daily life is time-competition. We’ve got a lot of balls in the air at our house, and even though I work from home, it’s difficult to stay on task and on schedule with things that can be pushed back. So, while I am always jotting things down and making voice memos for myself as ideas and lines come to me, I won’t get anything done unless I make a plan to write.

Why do you write?

I write because I love to read. I love reading a story that makes my world disappear, or makes my heart race, or makes my soul ache. I love reading the kind of stories that stick with me, that make me think, and even the ones that are just plain thrilling. I write in an attempt to do that. I have stories inside my own head that transport me in that way, and I think it’s awesome to be able to share that with readers.


blue author bio


Corinne O’Flynn is a native New Yorker who now lives in Colorado and wouldn’t trade life in the Rockies for anything. She loves writing flash and experimenting with short fiction. Her novel, THE EXPATRIATES (Oct. 2014) is a YA fantasy adventure with magic and creatures and lots of creepy stuff. She is a scone aficionado, has an entire section of her kitchen devoted to tea, and is always on the lookout for the elusive Peanut Chews candy.

When she isn’t writing or hanging with her family, Corinne works as the executive director of a nonprofit. She is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. You can find her online at her website, Facebook, or Twitter @CorinneOFlynn.



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Nerdy obsession of the week: Boy bands

I just finished reading an adorable book called Heart of Onyx. It was all about an average teenage girl named Onyx falling in love with a member of a hugely famous boy band and the book made me think. Well it didn’t make me think as much as reminisce. I kept remembering my childhood/teenage years and all the fun I had listening to boy bands.

headphones animated GIF

Sure I am not as into the new boy bands as I was when I was a child, but I’m glad to see groups like One Direction can still inspire young girls and women to go hair pulling crazy just by entering a room.

crying animated GIF


I think there is something about teenage heartthrobs, boy band in particular, that is good for kids. I can only speak for myself and my generation, but listening to Justin (Timberlake not Bieber) pour his heart out because his girl left him, or enjoying Kevin’s dance moves while he let the world know that Backstreet was back, gave me a safe place to just be a teenage girl.

fun animated GIF

These were the “good guys” who our parents were’t threatened by us liking, but we all knew that sometimes the lyrics could get just on the wrong side of appropriate. (eg. Digital Get Down by N Sync. It was a song about phone sex. Google it, and be amazed that you listened to it when you were a kid.)

They were just edgy enough to be interesting,

nsync animated GIF

but pretty enough to be non threatening.

nsync animated GIF

And I am not under the impression that boy bands were created in the 90’s. No, I am well aware that every generation since the Jackson Five has had their own boy bands. And don’t even get me started on the many bands who came before that were made up of men who could actually play instruments, but this article is about the pretty boys who danced their way into our hearts.

backstreet boys animated GIF

Be it New Kids on the Block and New Edition, B2K and Immature, or even Hanson and LFO, (One hit wonders need love too, and Summer Girls was my jam back in the day.) boy bands are a huge part of this country’s musical history.

Before you start complaining because I am not mention all the amazing all female groups who have dominated music over the years, don’t worry, I will obsess over them in another post. This time I just wanted to wax nostalgic about the boys who made my heart beat fast when they danced and caused me to dance along with them when I thought no one was around to see.

dancing animated GIF


They sang to me about the kind of love that every girl dreams about. Like chick flicks, romance novels, and mushy TV shows, boy bands fed the girl in me when I was younger, and let me think that the perfect guy really did exist. (Even if he did have frosted tips and wear all leather outfits)

This would sing me to sleep when I got sick and make me smile after a bad day. As a matter of fact I am sure that they did do that a couple of times, only it was in the form of a CD. Lol

Sure we all have to grow up, but when you are a child, there is nothing wrong with dreaming about “the perfect guy”.

Plus some of that music holds up and I still listen to it from time to time. As for the boy bands of today, I may not get them the way my older cousins probably didn’t get N Sync, but I am glad that some things don’t seem to change. Find some cute boys who can sing, dress them in shiny clothes, place them in a room with hormonal preteen and teenage girls, and watch the fun ensue.

One Direction animated GIF

So try not to roll your eyes too hard the next time a boy band song from any generation other than your own comes on. Kids hum along with New Kids on the block for your parents sake, and parents learn a couple of songs by the One Direction just to make your kids smile. You may find out that the music is better than you though, and learn to appreciate the awesomeness that is the boy band.

Until next time…

Review: Heart of Onyx by Inda Herwood


Heart of Onyx by Inda Herwood (separate ways #2)

GR Button Publication date: July 27th 2014
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Formats: e-book
Available at: Amazon


green synopsis

So I’m told I’m moving to a new country… I can deal with that. I have to go to a snobby new school. Um, not the best but certainly doable. Save a world famous pop star and then have him kind of stalk you? Let me think about that for a second…no. Of all things, that’s the one add on I have a major problem with.

Coming off the shock of my parents’ divorce, Mom springs on me and sis that we’re moving for her new job promotion. At least it’s London and not some country where they don’t speak English. But being stalked by a pop star wasn’t in the brochure.

What can I say? I’m Darragh Castle and I pretty much get what I want, when I want it. So it came as a shock when the brave girl who saved me didn’t take me up on my offer for a thank you. Too bad she doesn’t know that the word “no” isn’t in my acceptable vocabulary. And I will be seeing her again. No matter what her wishes…

This is a clean YA romance and is suitable for ages 15 and up.


green review

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have been reading a lot of scary and action packed books lately, and while I enjoyed each and every one of those books (thankfully), I was definitely in the mood for a sweet romance. I am happy to report that Heart of Onyx delivered the sweet read that I was in need of.

Heart of Onyx is the second book in the Separate Ways series, and I liked it even more than the first book. This book was more polished, humorous, and original. the author seems to be finding her own voice while still incorporating all of the things I enjoy most about Young Adult romance novels. This isn’t the first book that I have read about a normal, yet beautiful, young woman falling in love with someone famous, but I think it’s the best one that revolved around a boy band.

This time our heroine is the snarky but sweet Onyx and she falls head over heels in love with Separate Ways’ resident “bad boy” Darragh.

The relationship between Onyx and Darragh developes very well. Usually in books like this the couple either falls in love instantly or they bicker back and forth for 90% of the book before magically falling in love in the last 10%. Onyx and Darragh do have a sarcastic relationship where they give each other a hard time, but all the teasing is friendly instead of cruel. They challenge each other and usually make each other laugh. I won’t say that they developed of friendship before falling in love, because they don’t. Darragh knows that he wants to be more than friends the day he meets Onyx, and he does everything in his power to get her to give him a chance at being her man. He doesn’t beat around the bush or play games. Onyx was a little bit slower to admit her feelings. Sure she is attracted to him, but she assumes that because of his fame and money, Darragh is a player. She is also unsure as to why someone who has all of those things going for him would be interested in an average high school student. She gets over this pretty quickly though, and learns to trust that he means it when he tells her how much he likes her.

It is no huge spoiler to tell you that they get together because this book is more about their relationship than how they become boyfriend and girlfriend. There isn’t a whole lot of manufactured drama in this story. Onyx and Darragh take their time getting to know one another and they do it without fighting a lot. There are some great secondary characters, like Darragh’s band mates and Onyx’ knew friends, who are very entertaining and each have their own moment to shine so the drama was not missed. I laughed and smiled my way through this book just like I suspected I might.

I won’t say that there was anything here that I haven’t read before, but romance isn’t supposed to be complicated all of the time. I should like the main characters and not want to knock them upside the head while I read. At least I shouldn’t want to knock sense into them the entire time I am reading.

Sure Onyx and Darragh deal with some things, but they deal with them together. His fame and lack of privacy is something that Onyx has a hard time dealing with, but she does it as well as any young woman could. In fact Darragh is the one who has most of the issues when it comes to his fame. He has insecurities that I did not expect but they made sense. He wonders why anyone who had a normal private life would ever willingly open themselves up for the kind of scrutiny that famous people have to deal with, and he had a point. Sure if Onyx was a gold digger or wanted fame of her own, she would have no problem with the paparazzi, but the type of honest, upstanding woman Darragh wanted (and Onyx was) might not be able to handle that lifestyle. This is the main issue that plagues their otherwise flawless relationship throughout the book. I liked that the author chose one realistic problem that they had to contend with as opposed to manufacturing a bunch of issues. That would have been annoying in this type of story.

I did want to grab Darragh by the collar and shake him towards the end of the book. His insecurities get the best of him, but nothing worth having is ever easy. He had some growing up to do, and so does Onyx. The fact that they do face some obstacles makes their “happily ever after” ending all the sweeter. And the fact that they faced their problems together made this book all the more enjoyable to read.

I would recommend Heart of Onyx to all the lovers of sweet romance in the world. This book will put a smile on your face and make you long for the days when your room was plastered wall to wall with posters of your favorite stars. Come on, admit it, we all had at least on star that we wished would meet/fall in love with us one day. Do yourself a favor and feed that fantasy by reading this adorable book.

Because of very mild language, I would recommend this book for ages 13 and up. There is no sexual content whatsoever. 

Five Roses


GR Button


green author bio

Inda Herwood is one thing: absolutely obsessed with books. When she isn’t reading she’s hunting for another book or book series to get obsessed with and fangirling with her Goodreads friends. She wrote her first book in a month and loves being an author. She’s either watching gory medical shows when she writes or planning on ways to take over the world in her spare time. Her evil minion is her 9 lb. dog Chloe and her weapon of choice is to kill with her sarcasm. She also is obsessed with the Green Bay Packers and football in general. If you like snarkiness and reviews that give way TMI, follow her reviews and feel free to message or comment. She basically lives on her iPad and will ALWAYS write back.

My blog address lovelies ;-)


green author links

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Watch and smile!


So I had a TERRIBLE day yesterday filled with ugly crying and my stomach all tied up in knots, and this morning, I didn’t feel that much better to be honest. That is until I saw the best thing that YouTube has to offer right now. One of my favorite songs syncing up perfectly with a wonderfully cheese aerobics video from the 80’s. Watch and smile!!

How can anyone still feel bad after watching something like that? lol
Have a great day! :D

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